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Golf RAnGE is now iPhone 6 compatible and has full support for leaderboards via Game Center


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Newest iTunes release date:
 May 29th 2015
iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch
FREE for lite version or $1.99 for Pro Version

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Newest Android release date:
 October 20th 2012
Android 2.X+

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Golf RAnGE is actually two games in one featuring multiplayer online high score (game center on iOS):

Game 1 - Collect Golf Balls:

In this game, you are driving the golf picker vehicle!  Get ready, there are golfers who are out to hit you.  But not all golfers are malicious, some are just out there to practice their swing.  But as time goes on, more golfers show up and their intent gets slowly more sinister!  Simply point your finger on the screen where you want the vehicle to go and it will automatically go there.  NO NEED TO PLACE YOUR FINGER ON TOP OF THE VEHICLE.  Gold golf balls are worth more points and the sand trap will slow you down if you drive through it.  You are given a certain number of "hits" or "lives".  Once you are hit that number of times, you game ends.  Easy mode you can be hit 4 times, medium mode 3 times, and hard mode 2 times.  In easy mode you start with just one golfer at the driving range, but medium mode starts with 3 golfers already there and hard starts with all five golfers.

TIP: Simply drag your finger around the screen and the vehicle will follow it around like a puppy dog, do NOT place your finger on top of the cart itself.

Game 2 - Hit Golf Cart:

In this game, you are a golfer at the driving range.  The golf picker vehicle has come out of its shack and is picking up the balls on the range.  Time for you to let out some of your rage and attempt to hit the vehicle!  Simply swipe your finger from the golfer forward and the golfer will swing and hit the golf ball in that direction.  Swipe faster for a harder shot.  You must wait until the golf ball appears on the tee (approx 1-2 seconds after you shoot) before you can swipe again.  Your game is over when you run out of golf balls, but you replenish your supply of balls every time you hit the golf picker vehicle.  Easy mode gives a bucket of 18 balls, medium gives 12 balls, and hard gives 6 balls. Score more points for hitting the golf picker vehicle when it's farther away.  Easy mode has five golfers for you to shoot with, medium mode has three golfers you can control, and hard has just one.

In arcade mode, you are able to hit golf balls as fast as your finger can swipe.  The balls will also bounce off all 4 sides of the golf range.  Finally, there is a moving target in the background that is worth 10 points if hit with a white golf ball, and 30 points if hit with a gold golf ball.


"Insanely addictive!"
"Never played golf in my life yet I love it"
"It's my #1 guilty pleasure. Rage on!"
"Best iPhone game I've played in a long time"
"Truly unique"

FREE (Lite) Version:
- Only playable in easy & medium difficulty mode
- Arcade mode disabled
- Ad-supported

PRO Version ($1.99):
- Three difficulty levels for each game
- No advertising or banners
- Arcade mode

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